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Sponsor a child from as little as 60p per day and change their world for good!

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World Vision is a children's charity with Christian beliefs. They work with children, families and communities in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice.

Supporting World Vision, one of the world's leading children's charities, is a rewarding way to change children's lives and futures. World Vision child sponsorship links you directly with a particular child so you can see the difference you make for yourself. Their sponsorship programme supports children in nearly 100 countries and yes, they really do have a vision for a different world, one in which no child has to live in poverty. One child at a time, working to help communities sustain themselves, World Vision are making that vision a reality.

Globally, World Vision supporters currently sponsor 3.4 million children in almost 100 countries, with over 120,000 children sponsored by the UK alone.

The need has never been stronger or more urgent. The global economic downturn, coupled with the global food crisis, compounded by the effects of global warming is hitting the poorest of the poor the hardest. Vulnerable children are the group most severely impacted by these deepening disasters. World Vision believes that though children are born into poverty, they don't have to live their lives that way. When you sponsor a child with World Vision, you are joining with us in a global movement to tackle and end child poverty.

Help the world's poorest children!

How your donations to World Vision Charity will be used?

World Vision Charity

78.3% of your donations goes to direct charitable activities. The rest goes toward raising more funds and governance.

World Vision works to make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes, especially as they affect children. They are committed to long-term change, which means connecting people. Whether it's enabling people in developing communities to support each other, or linking donors to those in need through child sponsorship, or creating networks to campaign for justice, World Vision believe that getting people connected is the best way to make a difference:

  • Advocacy - addressing the causes as well as the effects of poverty by speaking out against injustice and the abuse of rights as well as influencing decision makers and challenging policies that cause inequality and suffering
  • Disaster Management - responding to disaster with immediate and skilled assistance with £1.5 million in pre-positioned relief supplies and more than 30,000 staff serving in nearly 100 countries
  • Development - helping communities to identify their own needs and plan their own activities

In this way, World Vision is making a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes.